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The full cycle of education is offered in Valmiera – from preschool to lifelong education. The city gives the opportunity to obtain qualitative education at 10 pre-school educational establishments, 2 elementary schools, 6 schools of secondary education, 3 vocational schools, 5 extra-curricular educational establishments, specialized educational institution – in the Boarding School – Development centre for the Hearing-impaired Children, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Vidzeme Lifelong Learning Centre.

The residents of Valmiera are proud of the quality and safety of educational establishments, as well as of the study results at the national level, consequently the residents of the region are also eager to use the services of the said educational establishments.

Valmiera can be proud of its own higher educational institution – Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, which offers college, bachelor,master and post-graduate programmes. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences plays a significant role in city development as many students who come from other districts stay and work in Valmiera after graduation.

In addition, more than 50% of Valmiera City Council`s budget are invested in education


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