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Valmiera is an industrial city - the centre of entrepreneurship in Vidzeme region as the majority of largest enterprises are located in Valmiera. Already since the beginning of the 20th century the largest manufacturing and trading enterprises of regional and also national importance that are well - known beyond the borders of Latvia have centered in Valmiera. Companies of Valmiera are important employers of local people. Most notable business sectors include chemical and textile industry, food production, metal processing, furniture manifacturing and others.

The city of Valmiera provides its residents with a high quality, modern engineering infrastructure - electricity, natural gas, water and heat supply, transport and street infrastucture, railway.

Trading and service infrastructure is highly developed. As a booming industrial city, Valmiera is also one of the greenest cities in Latvia thus proving the existence of  a balanced and sustainable development of industrial territories and natural environment. Development is based on the principles of interest coordination and partnership – efficient cooperation between the municipality, entrepreneurs and the society, as well as the ability to attract the EU funding for long-term projects that are important for the society, economy and the city environment. The available transport infrastructure and the territorial location gives Valmiera every opportunity to become a significant motorway and railway junction in the Northeast, as well options to attract intellectual potential from the region.

Nowadays growth of Valmiera has been based on the manufacturing enterprises that are situated in the city, which have accelerated growth of trade and service sectors. To improve business environment local entrepreneurs and City Council established Advisory Board of Entrepreneurs to advice City Council on issues related to the development strategy of the city. Board consists of 22 entrepreneurs.

As one of the economically most active cities in Latvia, Valmiera has 61 enterprises per 1000 inhabitants. Valmiera in the beginning of 2011 came out on the 11th position in terms of inflow of foreign investments, of which more than 26 Million Lats have been invested in the local enterprises.

In 2007 to facilitate foundation and development of new, innovative enterprises, Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator was established.


We recommend seeing:

Valmiera Glass Fibre Factory

Address: Cempu iela 13

Phone: +371 64202287


North Vidzeme Waste Management Organisation

Address: Rīgas iela 32

Phone: +371 64281250


Valmiera Water Management Company

Address: Grīšļu iela 6

Phone: +371 64226000


Metal processing company "Valpro"  (Metallic canisters and fire-extinguishers)

Adress: L. Laicena iela 2

Phone:+371 642 07240


Shopping centre "Valleta"

Adress: Rīgas iela 4

Phone: +371 6 4250820


JSC "Valmieras piens"

Adress: Rīgas iela 93

Phone: +371 642 22420


Other substantial companies in Valmiera:

Ltd. „Culimeta Baltics”
Ltd. „Valmiera – Andren”
Ltd. Maiznīca „Ieva””
Ltd. „Valmieras Maiznieks”
Ltd. Valtanks
Ltd. Vidzemes Metālserviss
Ltd. Metāla alianse”
retail shop chain Top
Ltd. T.N.Rozalinde
Ltd. A.I.Rīts”
Ltd. „Valrek”
Ltd. „Agroserviss Valmiera”
Ltd. Vidzemes energoceltnieks
JSC SCO Centrs
Ltd. Vidzemes būvnieks”
Ltd. „Grods”
Ltd. „Ekers”
Ltd. „Bazalts”
Ltd. „Anvars un Partneri”
Ltd. Valmieras Mēbeles”
Ltd. „Dizaina centrs”
Ltd. „V.L.T.”
Ltd. „AGA”
Ltd. „Vekover”


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