Wednesday, 27.August, 2014,

Valmiera City

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Soon to come – the annual international hot air balloon festival

From July 23 to July 27 Valmiera for the 9th time will host the annual international hot air balloon festival. This year – spectacular as always! 10 teams from Latvia, Lithuania and Russia; intense competition and a pure pleasure for spectators to enjoy this competition.

Valmiera and Smiltene hosted the 8th Latvian – German cooperation forum

From July 9 to July 12 Valmiera and Smiltene hosted the 8th Latvian – German cooperation forum which gathered representatives from twinning towns of Latvia and Germany. The aim of this forum was to discuss the development of dual education programmes and look for ways how to popularize vocational education.

Valmiera City Festival 2014 – colourful and joyful

If you were in Valmiera from July 3 to July 5 and did not recognize it – no wonder! During the City Festival Valmiera changed from a quiet town to a ravishing and dazzling centre of joy.

Valmiera City Festival – coming up!

Thinking of going to Valmiera but do not know when to come? We might help you to make this decision easier!

Reconstruction of the kindergarten “Kārliena” - completed

“Reconstruction of the kindergarten “Kārliena” has been completed and it will once again open its doors to children on August 29, 2014,” says the principle of the kindergarten Ms Iveta Nolberga.

Promoting the Hanseatic heritage

One may not know that Valmiera once used to be a proud member of the Hanseatic League – one of the most influential unions of the medieval times. Significant efforts have been devoted to revitalize the values and ideas of the former Hanseatic League by bringing together the historical hanseatic cities from all around the Europe.

Have a festive time in Valmiera

Beginning of May is a time to celebrate – on May 1 we celebrate Labours’ Day and the convocation of the constitutional assembly in 1920 and on May 4, 1990 Latvia restored its independence from the Soviet Union, which is also a public holiday in Latvia. Hence for ourselves and the guests of Valmiera we have prepared a rich leisure activity programme.

Vidzeme Entrepreneurs’ Days 2014

From May 16 to May 17 the biggest exhibition-fair in Vidzeme “Vidzeme Entrepreneurs’ Days 2014” will be held in Valmiera.

Each year several hundred entrepreneurs gather in Valmiera to present and sell their production, get to know other employers, establish valuable business contacts and get inspiration for new products or services. The exhibition each year is attended by around 5000-6000 people.

Ambassadors of Sweden and China visit Valmiera

On April 9 the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Latvia Mr Yang Guoqiang and Chinese diplomats visited Valmiera. During the working visit Mr Ambassador met with the Deputy Mayor of Valmiera Mr Jānis Baiks to discuss areas of possible cooperation between China and Valmiera. Mr Y. Guoqiang emphasized that there is a big potential for more enhanced cooperation between Latvia and China, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, education and culture.

Valmiera – a city where Olympic champions are born

Not long ago the whole world followed the events of the XXII Winter Olympic Games held in Sochi. It was a time when we all kept our fingers crossed for our sportsmen and sportswomen and hoped for a victory. For Latvia these were the most successful Winter Olympic games of all times, as we won in total four medals – two silver and two bronze medals.

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